New Patients

New Patient Procedures


We strive to make your new patient process as easy for you as possible.

  • First, we collect your information including your insurance information so we can check on your chiropractic benefits.
  • Second, we call your insurance company to let you know what you can expect to pay. This saves you unnecessary worry regarding the costs of care.
  • Third, we can answer any questions you might have regarding how much time to allow or how to get to our office. We also let you know what to bring.


We continue to make your new patient experience as easy for you as possible.

  • We have a new-patient liaison to take you through the whole new-patient process, to answer your questions and to make sure you don't spend a lot of unnecessary time waiting.
  • We also take you back to our new patient suite right away so that you don't have to spend time in our busy waiting room. Most of the first-visit protocol is completed in this room so you don't have to be moved around.
  • In this room, you will watch a video, complete your history on our fully computerized system, meet the doctor and finish a thorough case history so we can make sure chiropractic can help you. You will also be given a chiropractic exam and a computerized scan of your nervous system. The doctor will use all of this information in determining the best care plan for you.
  • After you are finished with the examination portion, you will be taken to the doctor's offices and be given your first adjustment. The doctor will then go over some information with you.
  • Then you will head to the front desk to be rescheduled and discuss your financial obligations. Payment is expected at the time of service, so expect to pay your portion if filing insurance or our cash discount, if paying cash. We are happy to set up a financial consultation if needed.
  • This first visit takes between 45 minutes to 60 minutes depending on the complexity of your case. Our staff will let you know how much time to expect to be here when you call to schedule.


At this visit, we intend to answer the four big questions you want to know the answers to...

  • What's wrong?
  • Can chiropractic help?
  • How much will it cost?
  • How long will it take?

You will again be taken back to our new patient suite where you will watch a report of findings video so you know what to expect. Next, you will be taken to one of our treatment rooms where you will be evaulated to determine how you did with your first treatment. Then you will be given a report of findings with any at-home instructions. Following your time with the doctor, you will be directed to the front desk to set up further appointments and collect your portion of payment for services rendered.

You should allot about 20-30 minutes for this appointment.


The number of follow-up visits is different for every person. We will do our best to give you an estimate at your report of findings and will try to update you on how you are progressing at each visit following so we can let you know if you are on track or if you may require more or less visits than we anticipated. These appointments generally only last 15 minutes or so, unless you require a therapeutic activity like massage. Your spine will be analyzed and you may need to be adjusted that day. Payment is expected at each visit, unless other arrangements have been made.

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