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Have you been injured at work? When a person is injured in the workplace, it is important that you report the injury to your supervisor right away. Be sure to give as many details as possible and put it in writing in a document called the “First Report Of Injury” form. Then a claim number can be assigned to you. You should seek care as soon as possible and let your supervisor know when you can return to work and about your injury.

You have the right to choose whichever type of provider you would like to see first (the emergency room does not count as your first choice if that is warranted). Let your supervisor know of your decision. If you decide to change your doctor, you will need written approval from your employer. You have the right to seek a second opinion without approval, but you may need to pay out of pocket for it. It is up to your employer to report the injury to the worker’s compensation insurance company and they need to do so within 7 days of the incident. Talk to your human resources department or supervisor for information on lost wages and health expense coverage. They will have a claim number for you and contact information for the insurance carrier to present to your doctor’s office for coverage. It is ideal to have that information before you start care, but it is more important to get the care right away if you need to. For a guide on what your rights are as an employee in this state or to answer your questions, visit

Work related injuries can take many forms, from an accident to repetitive stress. Even sitting at your desk for hours a day can be harmful. Once an injury occurs, the worker needs help with their symptoms and also needs help to prevent further harm to the injury. This can come in many ways. Some patients require being off work for days to weeks, sometimes there are just restrictions and some just require improvements to their ergonomic situation.

No one plans for work related injuries. The time away from work and the lost wages can be stressful to the injured worker and their family on top of the pain and the quality time it takes away from our life outside of work. Our office will help make your recovery from your work related injury as smooth as possible. We can help you with the physical recovery and the required paperwork, getting you back to work as soon as possible is our goal.

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